2023-2024 GT PGA TOUR Clubhouse Edition Online Update

Order your 2023-2024 GT PGA TOUR Clubhouse Edition update today to have access to all the latest game features!

The Digital Update will be available starting the morning of Monday, September 18th. USB Update sticks will also ship around this same day.

All you need is to have a registered Clubhouse Edition, along with the 6-digit cabinet ID!

2023-2024 Golden Tee PGA TOUR Clubhouse Edition Features:

    • FIVE all-new, beautiful, and challenging courses!
    • THREE remastered classics from GT’s past!
    • TWO beautiful and scenic TPC courses join the rotation.
    • 10 NEW Freaky Casual courses.
  • BRAND-NEW Game Mode Target Rush
    • 1 Hole, 60 secs, unlimited shots.
    • Land green, increase your score multiplier.
    • The most points at the end of the game wins!
  • Daily Contest and Money $hot come to the Home (coming late 2023)!
  • Compete in Custom Contests from Your Home.
    • Custom, weekly events will give you even more chances to compete for prizes!
      • Yes, you can play for money if your state allows it!
    • Challenge your buddies with GT Caddy Invites!
      • Play your favorite 18-hole course against friends for glory or for prizes!
      • NEW – Closest to the Pin makes its Invitational debut.

The 2023-2024 GT PGA TOUR Clubhouse Edition update will be digitally downloadable directly to your cabinet.

If your cabinet is offline or you don’t have a strong internet connection, you can order a USB update stick as an alternative to downloading the update!

Please note this is NOT the update for the Golden Tee Legacy Home Edition. If you own that cabinet, please order your 2023-2024 update here.

Sales Tax will be applied to the following states:

Enter your cabinet ID to order your update!

Pricing (shows after cabinet ID lookup) will vary depending on your current software. The Cabinet ID is a six digit number (Ex. 181256) located on the back of the cabinet. Omit the preceding 14 use the 6 digits only of 14-181256. For Online updates only. If cabinet ID is not found, please Contact Us. Include your cabinet ID.
Cabinet ID

You may see an authorization charge on your card, but it should drop off.

If you are digitally downloading the update, your card will be charged upon the processing of your order.

If you are ordering a USB update stick, your card will NOT be charged until your order ships.

The price of your 2023-2024 update includes a year of online subscription.