The Ultimate Bundle - GT PGA TOUR Deluxe & Arcade Collection Kit

GT PGA TOUR & Arcade Collection

Already have a Golden Tee, Silver Strike or PowerPutt Home Edition? If so, this Ultimate Bundle could be exactly what your home setup needs. This limited-time offering will include a Golden Tee PGA TOUR Clubhouse Edition AND an Arcade Collection Kit.

The Arcade Collection kit will allow you to convert your existing Incredible Technologies Home Edition Showpiece cabinet into this all-new multicade that includes Silver Strike Bowling, PowerPutt Golf and Target Toss Pro Bags and Lawn Darts. This kit DOES NOT come installed nor is it made to go inside your GT PGA TOUR cabinet.

The time to outfit your home with the four most popular games IT has ever made is now.

Here’s what the bundle includes.

The Same Game You Know and Love, Now With Real Courses!

Complete Your Home Arcade, Clubhouse or Business With the All-New Golden Tee PGA TOUR Clubhouse Edition

New, Reimagined Cabinet
Log in to games with groundbreaking NFC check in; OR use the new 5-inch touchscreen. Plus, keep your drink secure with all-new cupholders positioned on the cabinet.

Play Hole 17 on TPC Sawgrass, the most famous hole in golf and six PGA TOUR courses overall. All six tournament stops were created using real topography data. Every blade of grass is accounted for!

More Than 100 Courses Overall
From the real to the fantasy, tee off on more than 100 completely original designs that will take players to courses around the globe.

Online Play Available
Unlock new games modes, courses and features by going online. A FREE subscription is included with every cabinet purchase! Gain access to exclusive Events, the all-new Club Pass and more!

Important note: GT PGA TOUR is a new and upgraded platform from GT LIVE. Please note that your golfer's clothing, equipment and other features will not transfer over to GT PGA TOUR.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR Clubhouse Deluxe Edition includes:

  • NFC reader
  • 5" Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • GT PGA TOUR Marquee
  • Illuminated Shroud
  • Illuminated Cupholders
  • TV Stand
  • Side Panels

55" 4K TV is not included with the purchase of the GT PGA TOUR Clubhouse Deluxe Edition. Any size 4K TV will work with the GT PGA TOUR game, but 4K is required

The Arcade Collection Showpiece Conversion Kit will allow you to convert your existing Golden Tee, Silver Strike, PowerPutt or Target Toss Showpiece cabinet into the Arcade Collection!

Arcade Collection
PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing the GT PGA TOUR Clubhouse Deluxe Edition, which comes with the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Cabinet, TV Stand and Lighted Shroud. No TV is included! The Arcade Collection Conversion Kit is ONLY for existing Home Editions games in the Incredible Technologies Showpiece Cabinet. This kit will allow you to convert your existing game to the Arcade Collection. No Arcade Collection Cabinet is included with this bundle!
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